The history of the Serves sur Rhone Castle

With its origins in the 5th Century BC, Le Château de Fontager is filled with stories and legends. We have even found 4000 year old pottery pieces. 

Photographie du Rhônes à Serves sur Rhône

Ideally situated on the banks of the Rhône river, a natural waterway, Fontager has always been a famous historical landmark

Dessin représentant la rencontre de Jésus devant Ponce Pilate

Pontius Pilate

The legend says that Pontius Pilate ( known in the New Testament for having betrayed Jesus Christ and sent him to the cross) lived in this area.
Eusebe de Cesaree 3rd century historian wrote that Pontius Pilate was sent in disgrace to Gaule in the year 37. He was the governor of the city of Vienne and the legend says that in the year 39, he threw himself from a tower into the Rhone river. Some have recognised this tower in Vienne some in Fontager.

*source Wikipédia

Archaeological finds

Many discoveries have been made in the castle grounds and its surroundings. In 1962, a necropolis of around 40 tombs with their burial vases, plates was discovered. These objects and remains enabled the confirmation of their death in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd century.

Gallo-Roman artefacts are regularly discovered such as marble pieces, vases, sarcophagus or statues.

These elements enable us to establish that a very opulent Roman villa was located here with thick, 2.30m walls, still visible in our cellars here today.

Famous guests

Diane de Poitier, Countess of Saint Vallier, did ride her horse to visit her cousins in Vaucance or Christophe de Chatelard, Count of Vernoux.

Various owners of the castle have succeeded each other and in 1989, the castle was bought by a Danish Group.

Photographie retravaillée du Château de Fontager pour le transformer en dessin ancien


Photographie en vue d'ensemble du château de Fontager avec sa piscine

The castle has undergone important renovation work while still conserving the charm and original features of a Hotel-Restaurant and a stunning location for seminars or celebrations. Today, we continue to improve the castle and bring back to life the older parts of the castle to share them with our guests.

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